Millennium Machine MAGNETICA

The Millennium Machine (M.M.) has been designed and built after years of study and hard practical tests, where the comparison with other already existing machines has been lasting and assiduous, until reaching an excellent result: remove 100% of the dodder in the shortest possible time.

The old electromagnetic machine has been replaced by the innovative M.M. which is featured by permanent magnets and a larger surface in contact with the seed, ensuring great energy savings.

The larger surface of M.M. is characterized by a third roller, a unique solution and the best weapon to eliminate dodder.

The M.M. is made with noble metals such as aluminum and steel, which do not endure the magnet's attraction, helping to reach a perfect and accurate work on the seed.

The M.M. is made up of two blocks: in the first one the product is mixed with water, iron powder and oil through an excellent procedure which blends an excellent mix.

The second block is made up of three permanent magnet rollers, the same in shape but different from each other in terms of the content and quality of each magnet.

The identification of this formula has allowed us to believe M.M. a reliable new generation machine.

M.M. was created to select 10 quintals of seed immune from dodder in 60 minutes.

All the other countless measures are explained in the instruction manual.

All the functions of M.M. they are managed and controlled by a touch-screen panel where the animated configuration facilitates the first contact with the machine in a clear and unequivocal way.


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