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Located in the centre of Italy, Millennium Green Srl has been working in the field of forage seeds since 1950. The longevity of the company is due to the strong, consistent, and long-term commitment of three generations of entrepreneurs and seed specialists.

Thanks to this wide experience and to the dedication of its people, the company has achieved national and international leading positions in the forage seed sector. Highly qualified staff carefully controls the production process of its varieties in Italy. All products are carefully and consistently monitored from sowing to picking. All this entails close collaboration and trust between Millennium Green Srl and the farmers. The activities carried out during the years have enabled the company to become more and more acquainted with all aspects, and potentials, of innovative farming, with an always attentive look at new technologies and genetic research, and a complete and constant respect for life and the environment around us, which gives us the possibility to grow.

Following this trend, Millennium Green Srl is always striving to develop new varieties that can provide an important contribution for the safeguard of our ecosystem.

Analysing the market, selecting one’s own partners, controlling raw materials, guaranteeing the product, satisfying the customer: this is the virtuous path that brings to a system where seeds are selected, during each production stage, based on the philosophy of the company.


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