Persian clover

Product line:
Scientific name:
Trifolium resupinatum
Our varieties:

Marco Polo

Product line: Leguminose
Scientific name: Trifolium resupinatum
Our varieties:

Marco Polo

Persian clover is a plant that can resist cold relatively well and is very similar to Egyptian clover in term of requirements. It can be used as a replacement of the same in areas where temperatures fall below – 5° C.

Persian clover is a rustic species that does not suffer particular phytopathies, and, differently from other annual clovers it shows great resistance to mildew. The preparation of the seed bed must always follow the good agricultural practices, possibly on a fine soil.

Sowing must only be carried out on bare soil and it may be both mechanical and by scattering, at a depth of 1,5-2 cm. The recommended seed ratio is 25-35 kg/ha. After sowing, rolling of the soil is recommended to compact the seed to the soil.
Persian clover thrives in loose humid soil, but also adapts to clay soils, and can withstand salinity.

The recommended sowing period is autumn for hot-humid climates. For well watered fields it may be brought forward to the end of the summer. Spring sowing is only recommended for very cold climates, but in this case only one crop will be obtained.

Persian clover is a great grazing and harvesting plant, well suited to both grazing and hay production. In hot-humid areas and in well watered environments it can give up to 4 crops, from November to June, with an overall production of 100-120 ql./ha of dry matter.

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