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Hedysarum coronarium
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Product line: Leguminose
Scientific name: Hedysarum coronarium
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Clover is a foraging plant particularly suited to hot and dry conditions. Its very resistant to high temperatures and droughts, and in badlands can combat erosions.

On the other hand it is not good at withstanding very low winter temperatures; it is sensitive to spring frost and after flowering, its quality quickly drops due to the hardening of the stems.

The forage produced by clover is very good quality and appetizing, provided that harvesting is carried out at the beginning of the flowering period. During this stage the protein content of the dry matter is in fact approximately 18 to 20%.

Clover is a typical monophyte meadow plant and must be sown by scattering or mechanically at a depth of 2 to 3 cm on a well prepared soil. The recommended seed ratio is 20—30 kg/ha. Seeds in the shell may also be used during sowing, but their quantity must be increased by 200-300%.

Clover adapts well to all kinds of soils, although it prefers lime rich, clay, deep soils. If sown in poor and compact soils, the presence of a good quantity of calcium is necessary.

In temperate climate conditions with rainy autumns, the recommended sowing period is autumn, while in the colder and normally rainy areas the best period is spring.

Being a leguminous plat, clover is capable of managing its nitrogen content, although during the sowing period a moderate addition of the same may be appropriate.
During its biennial period clover is normally used to produce forage, particularly during the second year. 70-90 ql./ha of dry matter may be obtained. Clover also gives good results as green manure.

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